How to Make a Pulley Rig for Surf Fishing


What this rig is all about:

A pulley rig is great rig similar to a helicopter rig except for the fact that it only has one hook and it’s a very aerodynamic rig that allows you to cast a far distance. Also, it prevents any tangling of the hook leader line with the sinker line. The key to this rig is the impact shield that allows you to clip on the hook while casting so that it doesn’t get in the way. This is a great rig to catch fish of the surf with. Read on to see how you can construct it.

Here is a list of materials/items that you will need to make this rig:

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20 pound fluorocarbon leader line (more or less depending on the target species of fish)

1 pyramid sinker (2-6 ounces depend on the surf conditions)

1 Owner’s Mutu light circle hook (size depends on the target species)

2 red, plastic beads

– scissors/nail clipper

– 1 pair of pliers

2 barrel swivels

1 impact shield

1 split shot sinker or crimp sleeve

Optional but recommended equipment:

9 foot + fishing rod for best results


Tips and notes on this rig:

This is actually a British rig that is awesome for long distance casting. Also, you can make the hook as far off the bottom as you want and you aren’t limited by the length of your rod. This means you can suspend the hook at a much farther distance from your sinker.

As far as bait goes, you can’t go wrong with shrimp.


Setup guide:

  1. The first step is to cut about 2-3 feet of the 20 pound fluorocarbon line (excluding line scope for two knots). Ideally though, the length of this sinker section line will be as long as you want it to be to position the hook above the sandy bottom. Tie the pyramid sinker onto one end using your knot of choice.

I would recommend a palomar knot:

  1. Slide on the impact shield and a plastic bead like so:
  1. Now, use the split shot sinker or a crimp sleeve and secure the impact shield at the bottom part of this rig. Make sure you give about 1-2 inches between the end of the impact shield to the attachment of sinker.
  1. Step 4 is to thread the free end of the line through one barrel swivel. This first barrel swivel is what you will use to attach to your main line. Once the free end of the line is through the eye of the swivel, thread on a plastic bead and tie on the other barrel swivel like so:
  1. Cut about 1 foot of 20 pound fluorocarbon leader line for the hook attachment to the swivel. Tie the hook onto one of the free ends of the line and attach the other end to the swivel.

Now, when you cast the rig, all you have to do is hook the hook to the impact shield. When the impact shield hits the water, the hook will automatically release without being tangled to the sinker line.

And there you have it: a relatively simple but ingenious mechanism for surf fishing. Try it out and let the fishing community know how well this rig is working for you by rating it at the top of this article. Cheers and tight lines!


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