How to Make a Simple Fishing Rig for Whiting


What this rig is all about:

Whiting are also called channel mullet and are a cod-like fish most frequently caught in the Florida surf, inlets, harbors, and bays. Whiting are usually sought after for their sweet and light taste. Many anglers catch them to eat them. Read on to check out this very simple, versatile, and effective fishing rig for catching whiting. Also, you can check out a different variation specifically for surf fishing here.

Here is a list of materials/items that you will need to make this rig:

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15-20 pound fluorocarbon leader line

2 ounce tear drop sinker

1 size 6 Mutu light circle hook

2 red, plastic beads

– scissors/nail clipper

1 snap swivel

1 sinker slide

Optional but recommended equipment:

7′ 6-12lb Redbone Rod

10 pound monofilament main line

Shimano Sedona 2500 10 pound reel


Tips and notes on this rig:

There’s not much to this rig once you’ve constructed. You simply cast out the rig with bait on the hooks and wait for a bite. Stick a sand spike in the sand and let that hold your rod for you or leave the rod against the railings on a dock. In regards to bait, whiting love clams, sand fleas, or shrimp.

The red beads on this rig allow the whiting to spot the bait easier. As they are nosing along on the sandy bottom, the red beads will catch their eye and attract them towards the bait. Fishermen have used red beads to attract fish with great success.

The sinker slide is great to prevent the whiting from feeling the line and the weight as it takes the bait. This is because the sinker will slide freely along your main line. This is another characteristic of this rig that helps you maximize your chances of landing the fish. Also, it may be wise to use a 5-6 pound rated line to attach the sinker. This is so if the rig gets snagged by the sinker, it will be easy to yank the rig and only lose the sinker as opposed to losing the entire rig.

When fishing for whiting is it also advised to use small hooks. The 6/0 Mutu light circle hooks work very well.


Setup guide:

    1. The first step to constructing this whiting rig is to cut out about 2 feet of 15-20 pound fluorocarbon leader line and tie your hook to it. You can use a palomar knot or a uni knot. Both work great. Check out how to tie a palomar knot, check out this tutorial below:

  1. Thread 2 red plastic beads onto the leader line.
  1. Now, attach your leader rig to the snap swivel. You can use whatever knot you like. Again, the palomar or uni knots are recommended.
  1. Step 4 is to thread the sinker slide onto your main line.
  1. Tie your leader line with the swivel onto your main line like so:
  1. The final step is to tie your sinker rig onto the sinker slide.

And there you have it: a very simple and effective whiting rig for surf or for inshore fishing. Try it out and let the fishing community know how well this rig is working for you by rating it at the top of this article. Cheers and tight lines!


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