How to Make Rig for Fishing Redfish


What this rig is all about:

Redfish are also called red drums and are game fish that live in the Atlantic from the Northeast coast of the U.S. all the way to Florida and then into the Gulf of Mexico. The most distinguishing characteristic of the redfish is a large black dot located on the top part of the tail at the base. A slot redfish in Florida is between 18 to 27 inches in length. This rig works very well to catch redfish around structures and in deep water docks.

Here is a list of materials/items that you will need to construct this rig:

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– 20-40 pound monofilament leader line (typically a 20 pound leader will be fine if the redfish isn’t gigantic)

1 quarter (0.25) ounce jig head

– Berkley Gulp jerk shad (nuclear chicken or camo color)

– scissors/nail clipper


1 Barrel swivel

Medium action fishing rod for best results

How to use this rig:

As mentioned before, this rig is perfect for fishing structures whether it may be docks or pylons or even along walls. 12-15 feet of water is ideal. Go ahead and cast your lure to wherever you think the redfish may be and work the bait periodically. Perform a few undulating motions with the wrist in the hand that is holding the rod and reel as you go. Jerk the lure a bit so that you can attract the attention of the fish. A medium action rod is perfect to try and feel for the nibbles. This rig is fine to use in relatively murkier water.

Also, this rig is meant for the middle to the top column of water. And although redfish do bottom feed, there is no need to let the lure sink to the bottom before working the bait.

This bait specifically tries to intimate a mullet or mudminnow both of which redfish love to eat. The way you work the bait is meant to seem to the redfish that the bait is injured.

Setup guide:

  1. The first step is to attach the 20 pound monofilament leader to your main line. Cut the 20-lb line long enough to tie knots at both ends and to have a leader about 6-7 inches long. To attach fishing line to the leader, use this tutorial:

Or you can use a barrel swivel to attach the main line to your leader.

  1. Attach your leader line to your jig setup.

You can attach the leader to the jig hole by using a clinch knot.

  1. The last step is to insert the Berkley gulp jerk shad into the hook. Take the bait at the head and pierce it with the hook. Continue pushing the bait into the hook, all the while aligned with the hook, until you can’t anymore.
    Then, simply push the hook out of the Berkley gulp where it’s at. Check this YouTube video to see how the plastic bait is run through the jig head:After that, this finished product:

This is a very simple rig to set up with light to medium tackle. It works great along and around structures so try it out and rate this rig!

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